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    Chairman Desk

    What do you expect from an infant? we hope your expectations will not be too high. We don’t claim that St. Xaviers is an infant prodigy, but we do affirm with a reasonable degree of confidence and assurance that we have tried our best to turn this school into a temple of learning, an ideal institution where morality reigns supreme.True education aims at a harmonious development of the body, mind and soul together.

    This is true of the education imparted at our ideal school – St. Xaviers Public School, Korba in so far as it looks to the physical, intellectual and spiritual sides of a student together.

    Your decision to seek admission of your child in our reputed school is very much appreciable and praiseworthy and we welcome you whole heartedly in our charming school campus.

    We hope your child’s presence in the school will be academically reqarding, morally uplifting and professionally meaningful. We are confident that your child will derive maximum benefit and advantage from the ultra modern teaching and excellent guidance provided by a team of committed, devoted and experienced faculty members.

    We do assure you to impart the best available facilities to develop the academic skills and moral standard of your child. We do firmly believe that your ward will make best use of these unique opportunities and will leave no stone unturned to touch Himalayan height of glorious success.

    Striving for your ward’s sure success through service.


    St. Xaviers Public School, Korba